[Finished Event]Connecting the Present and the Past “Kintsugi”

2019/10/14 (Mon) 、10/19 (Sat)

[Finished Event]Connecting the Present and the Past “Kintsugi”

The event has come to an end.

Be sure to check out Takashi Kobayashi, a jewelry designer, for the patchwork pieces that look like jewelry.

Kintsugi is a traditional repair technique in which broken pieces, chips, cracks and other parts of pottery are bonded together with lacquer and decorated with metal powder such as gold (Kintsugi). After the Muromachi period, with the spread of craft techniques using lacquer such as makie (Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder), and the tea ceremony spirit in which people accept repaired utensils as they are, the artistic value of kintsugi came to be found, and there are also kintsugi ceramics designated as cultural properties or highly valued as antiques. Even today, in order to repair your favorite bowls and smartphones and continue to use them for a long time, and to enjoy the process and traces of the kin-tsugi as art, kin-tsugi classes are becoming popular.

“Kintsugi” Author Takashi Kobayashi’s Profile

1965 Born in Yamanashi Prefecture/Living in Osaka City After studying creation and design at a jewelry school in Tokyo, he worked as a jewelry company designer, a designer belonging to a design office, and a freelance designer, and worked as a full-time instructor for about 18 years at his alma mater to train young people. In the meantime, he has been collaborating with creators from other fields, focusing on custom-made jewelry creation, and exploring new creativity that combines what he can do with. In such a situation, when he lost his favorite rice bowl, he learned on his own way how to give money “Kintsugi” which he had been interested in. Once it is broken “unusable”, it is revived by “Kintsugi” and new value is added. We are expanding the range of recognition activities by holding workshops and so on because we believe that this will lead to a significant change in value standards in our lives.

In addition to these activities, “CREA/Me (Cream)” an organization supporting creators, was launched in 2016. Since 2019, an online salon has been launched and many people from various fields have participated.