Connecting of present and ancient 「Traditional Handicraft of Pattern Printing」 – Exhibition of Kyo Karakami


Connecting of present and ancient 「Traditional Handicraft of Pattern Printing」 – Exhibition of Kyo Karakami


We will exhibit Kyo Karakami – a traditional handicraft of pattern printing that is made only in some workshops in Kyoto that is used in temples, tearooms, sliding doors, wallpaper of restaurant, etc.   
As its name suggests Karakami came from China in the Nara period, it has been used as a paper for handwriting letter and poetry to make letters look beautiful.
Also in the capital of Japan during the Heian period, Karakami penetrated into aristocratic culture becoming widely used in dwelling and temples. Kyo Karakami, which has evolved into a magnificent Karashi paper reflecting the unique technology and aesthetic sense of Kyoto with the times, is elegantly blended into the place and is used as interior of hotels and restaurants in modern times.
Using hand carved traditional pattern woodblocks, we hope you can feel the soft texture of the handrails and the beautiful of shadows that are produced by the marvelous adjustment of skilled craftsman.

Exhibition Period: Friday 1st, May 2020 to Monday 31st, August 2020

Kyo Karakami Maruni
Maruni Co.Ltd has preserved Karakami paper as a traditional craft with cultivated techniques by paper-hanger over 110 years since it was established. Continuing to use woodblocks from Tenpo period, we suggest creating a new space to make the matching of the world view with modern lifestyle and human needs like protecting patterns etc., 
Kyo Karakami which is mainly used for interior decoration such as sliding door and wallpaper etc., was opened composite facility in 2017 named is「Karamaru」where you can experience to create your own products under the instruction of our craftsman. We are also selling the wooden stamp with woodblock motifs and interior products are designed by Karakami. Moreover, we are attracting attention with Printing Karakami experience program by process and by the same raw material with the actual Karakami by using genuine of woodblock.

Kyo Karakami experience workshop – Maruni